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Dev Tracker - SWTOR

Dev Tracker - SWTOR
  1. CommunityTeam PTS up? | 09.28.2020, 09:30 AM
    Hi all,

    For those you encounter the issue with the PTS patch, we invite you to follow those troubleshooting steps:
    1. Close the launcher
    2. Go to the install folder (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\BioWare\Star Wars - The Old Republic)
    3. Delete retailclient_publictext.version
    4. Launch the launcher. It will download the missing PTS files.
    Let us know if you are still experiencing it.

    Thank you for your patience while the team worked on this issue.

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  2. EricMusco PTS up? | 09.25.2020, 05:55 PM
    Hey folks,

    Gonna take a bit more then just a quick fix to get things corrected for PTS so it will remain offline through the weekend. We'll swing back on Monday with a status update. Thanks all.


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  3. EricMusco PTS up? | 09.25.2020, 03:52 PM
    Hey all,

    PTS is up but there is a potential issue with the patch (which is why you are seeing the error message). We are seeing if we can resolve before the weekend. I will let you know where it lands.


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  4. DanielSteed New Augments in 6.1.4 - Feedback | 09.25.2020, 10:41 AM
    Hey everyone!

    I have two quick updates for you regarding Augments on PTS. The vendor selling these Augments (just for PTS purposes) can now properly be found on the Fleet. Look for the Spoil of War vendors Takanna and Nitoo. Secondly, we have adjusted the crafting material requirements for the new CM-1337 Augments. The new cost per Augment is:

    - 14 RPM-13 (down from 25).
    - 7 OEM-37 (down from 15).
    - 5 Legendary Embers (this material remains unchanged).

    While the material requirements have changed, we are planning to keep the drop chances the same as outlined in the initial post by Chris Schmidt. Let us know your thoughts!

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  5. DavidStaats 6.1.4 Conquest Feedback | 09.25.2020, 09:04 AM
    Hi all!

    I wanted to take a moment and give another update regarding 6.1.4 and Conquest.

    As Chris mentioned yesterday during our Live Stream, live-service game systems changes are based on data we see regarding how everyone is interacting with the system, our own hypothesis, and a dialogue with all of you! We believe the dialogue portion is a critical part of this process, and is one of the driving reasons we took our 6.1.4 Conquest updates to PTS. We want to thank you for all of your input, and encourage you to continue having a conversation with us!

    We have continued to iterate on what the 6.1.4 Conquest system looks like based on the above process, and I would like to share with you some updates we are making which you can expect to see coming in an upcoming PTS patch:
    • The planetary restrictions for <Planet> Defeat Enemy Objectives and <Planet> Heroic Missions Objectives have been removed.
      • This should once again function how it does on our live server, restricted only by Level Brackets (so for example, a Level 25 character will not have Defeat Enemies for Mek-Sha)
    • The restriction on Defeat Enemies 2 has been removed from the 50-70 and 71+ Level Brackets, and will continue to function as it does on our live server for characters of all levels restricted only by Level Brackets.
    • Defeat Enemies, Defeat Enemies 2, and Heroic Missions have had their points increased.
      • Defeat Enemies is now worth 1200 Points (up from 750)
      • Defeat Enemies 2 is now worth 2400 Points (up from 1650)
      • Missions: Heroic is now worth 1550 Points (up from 850)

    This was just the first step in a larger and more robust PTS update we are currently working on which wasn’t quite ready for this PTS patch. We will provide further information once it’s ready to go!

    We encourage you all to continue this conversation with us by heading to PTS and providing feedback! We are still interested in the following points:
    • How do the new values feel? Do you feel that larger and more complex objectives have a more accurate point representation of their time and effort, and do those new values make those objectives more appealing to attempt?
    • Are there Objectives you feel are too rewarding? Not rewarding enough?
    • As a player who wants to partake in the story, do you feel like you are able to more actively participate in Conquest?
    • As a player who enjoys Operation/Warzone/Uprisings or other group play, do you feel like you are able to more actively participate in Conquest and that your time investment is more accurately reflected?
    • How do you feel about the Objectives for Feast of Prosperity? Did they encourage you to partake in the event? Did you enjoy earning Conquest through Event participation?
    • Any other thoughts or feedback you may have!

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