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Dev Tracker - SWTOR

Dev Tracker - SWTOR
  1. EricMusco Hutt Ball type maps pops 2 out of 3 maps constantly | 03.15.2019, 08:52 AM
    Hey everyone,

    There has been some good discussion in thise topic about both how you believe our map selection works right now in matchmaking, and thoughts on where we can improve it. I want to add some clarity to the former, and then we can talk about the latter.

    How does map selection work?
    This is pretty simple on the surface. When a player (or players) queues for an unranked Warzone the matchmaker does two things (I am ONLY talking about map selection here, not about what the matchmaker does to work towards even teams).
    1. Looking at what matches are currently active and the number of players in the queue, the matchmaker decides whether it will pop an Arena or a Warzone.
    2. The matchmaker then rolls in that game type pool for which map it will pop. All maps have the exact same weighting.

    This means that Huttball and 3-pt control both have the highest odds of being selected since they each have 3 maps respectively (Novare could be argued that it is separate from Yavin/Alderaan though). But ultimately each individual map has the exact same chance of rolling here.

    How can we improve this experience?
    There have been a lot of great ideas in this thread, and definitely keep the ideas coming. This is a topic we have talked about a lot internally (allowing players to select exactly which Warzone they want to play, for example). There are some challenges with that level of granularity (queue times mostly). We have talked about adding exclusions as well, so a player could pick 2-3 Warzones they don’t want and then they fall into the rest of the pool. These changes are fairly large in what it would take to implement and so they would need to happen as a part of other large systemic changes. This in no way means we won’t ever do it, just that it would need to be in a large update and it isn’t currently planned on the schedule.

    With that said, there are possibly some smaller fixes the team can do in the interim which they are discussing. We may be able to tweak the individual pop values on each map in the PvP queue which would give more weighting towards game type, then map, for example. I don’t have any specifics right now but the team is in active discussion on this topic and I will pass on more info as I have it.

    Question for you all to give us your feedback on...
    Matchmaking weighting could effectively work one of two ways.
    • We can give even weighting to individual maps. As in, every single map has the same chance to pop so you see more map diversity. This is how it works today.
    • We can give equal weighting to each game type. As in, you will see less map diversity overall, but you are more likely to see each map type more often. AKA you will see Voidstar as much as you see Huttball.

    Let us know your thoughts! Thanks everyone, keep the feedback coming.


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  2. DanielSteed 'Heralds of Victory' Game Update! | 03.14.2019, 02:05 PM
    All servers are live once again! Thanks all.


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  3. MikeBradley Let's Discuss Ranked PvP Ideas... | 03.13.2019, 05:18 PM

    Hey All,

    First off, thank you all for your participation in the broader PvP thread talking about win trading. I appreciate all of the feedback that was given and hope that I was able to shed some light on the topic. The goal of this new thread is to specifically focus on gathering ideas for potential systemic changes to Ranked PvP systems.

    To start, I’d like to share the high-level goals for any ideas gathered in this thread:

    • Change rating distribution to better encourage prolonged, honest play throughout the season
    • Reduce or eliminate mechanics that incentivize exploitative behavior
    • Make matchmaking feel more balanced

    There have been a lot of specific ideas posted on the forums and discussed internally about how we could improve our current rating system, our matchmaking system, and to better deter exploitative behavior throughout. Please know that I have gathered (and continue to look for) as many of those ideas as I can find, and have been sharing them with the broader team in order to build some sense of how viable they each may be.

    Before we dig too deep into any of these ideas, I need to clearly set expectations. These are early steps in an effort to build a broad consensus towards as many of these ideas as make sense to potentially pursue. Depending on what we discuss here, follow up conversations will need to be had with our dev team to figure out exactly how much time each of the ideas would take to implement. With that information we'd need to find them a place on our schedule. Fair warning, this is not necessarily a short process.

    With all of that in mind, here are some of the specific ideas that we feel would best work towards the goals stated above:

    • Reduce both the rating gained from a win and removed from a loss
    • Adding minimum requirements for games played to achieve each rank
    • Adding a rating decay over time
    • Adjusting the matchmaking system to better prevent large class imbalances between teams

    We understand that there are obvious sensitivities to changing the rules of the game in a season that is already underway. For that reason, and the logistical hurdles mentioned above, I cannot promise that any of these changes will go live in season 11. It is possible that some ideas may be easier to implement than we expect or that obtaining one may lessen the need for another, but I want to be as transparent as possible regarding timelines.

    I realize that some of you may have previously put forth suggestions that are not captured in the list above. If anyone has a proposal that you feel is not covered by any of the above ideas, please share it in this thread (or link to where you have explained it elsewhere), and we can all discuss the pros and cons. I’m looking forward to digging in here. Thanks for making it through this mountain of text!

    Until next time…

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  4. EricMusco World Firsts and Guild XP Changes | 03.13.2019, 10:59 AM
    Hey folks,

    When we introduced Guild Leveling, the point at which a Guild will have completed all functionality unlocks within the system is when they hit level 64, at this point they are eligible for highest Guild Perks. This only became possible after February 19th (based on weekly XP caps). We wanted to spend some time and recognize all of the Guilds who reached level 64 during that week as it meant those Guilds have capped XP literally every week since Guild Leveling launched! Here is the list, in order by server...
    • Stroke my Wookie of Darth Malgus
    • Stroke my Wookíe of Darth Malgus
    • Wardens Of The Republic of Darth Malgus
    • Untempered Dread of Darth Malgus
    • Fallen Exsilium of Darth Malgus
    • S T A R of Darth Malgus
    • Exsilium of Darth Malgus
    • Black Nova of Darth Malgus
    • The Sanctuary of Star Forge
    • The Courageous of Star Forge
    • The Dark Sanctuary of Star Forge
    • Je'daii Reborn of Star Forge
    • Unchained Wrath of Star Forge
    • New Galactic Empire of Star Forge
    • Hellbent of Star Forge
    • Revån's Råpture of Star Forge
    • You Aint Sith of Star Forge
    • Rèvan's Lègacy of Star Forge
    • Knights of Old Enclave of Star Forge
    • The Second Sith Empire of Star Forge
    • The Steel Court of Satele Shan
    • The Eternal Ordér of Satele Shan
    • The Eternal Order of Satele Shan
    • Galaxy Knights of Satele Shan
    • Crimson Order of Satele Shan
    • Harbingers of Valhalla of Satele Shan
    • Dark Galaxy Knights of Satele Shan
    • The Àncient Sith Empire of Satele Shan
    • Resolute of Star Forge
    • Koosai of Tulak Hord
    • The Big Jedi Theory of Tulak Hord

    A big congratulations to Stroke My Wookie of Darth Malgus who was the first Guild in the world to hit level 64 on February 19th!

    One other thing we wanted to talk about is the rate at which Guilds are earning XP and leveling. We have been actively monitoring our leveling data week over week since the system was implemented and in general, we feel Guilds need to be leveling a bit faster. There are plenty of Guilds hitting the cap every week, but we really think small Guilds especially can use a little push to help them get more XP. To help accomplish this we are going to increase the rate of Guild XP earned by 50% in 5.10.2! Currently 1 Conquest Point = 2 Guild XP. After 5.10.2 1 Conquest Point will = 3 Guild XP.

    Thanks everyone, be sure to help test these changes and more when 5.10.2 comes to PTS and congrats again to all of the Guilds who have been crushing it!


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  5. DanielSteed 'Heralds of Victory' Game Update! | 03.12.2019, 11:44 AM
    Hello everyone!

    It is my pleasure to announce Game Update 5.10.2 ‘Heralds of Victory’. It will be on PTS later this month and it will go live in April. The main feature of this update is the addition of a a new guild system called Guild Heraldry, which will allow guilds to create their own personal emblems. Additionally, the Preview Window has gotten completely revamped. For more specifics, the announcement article can be found here: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/article/20190312

    Next week, there will be an article going more in-depth about the changes to the Preview Window and another back-end update accompanying it.

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