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Dev Tracker - SWTOR

Dev Tracker - SWTOR
  1. MattPucevich Master Mode Nahut: A brief description of the *pieces* of the Phase 1 puzzle | 11.16.2018, 05:21 PM
    Greetings all!

    Over this past 24h or so, it's been really cool to watch groups plugging away at the Nahut encounter and see how you're all attempting to evolve and refine the stock Veteran strategies to deal with the new realities of Master mode.

    In a slight departure from the norm, I actually want to share some information with you all that may help this process. Specifically, I want to give some details about Nahut's mine launch sequences and patterns. I'm inclined to share this because I don't know that the information is as learnable as it ought to be, given the fact that the vast majority of what is going on during the launches is almost entirely invisible (save for one person). I think it'd be better in this case to at least let everyone know the pieces of the puzzle that are in play.

    I'm going to spoiler tag this up quiet a bit so people can go as shallow or deep into this as they want, out of respect for anyone who might really want to work at this fully internally.

    To start, completely unspoilery, here is a desaturated overhead diagram of the Singularity Chamber encounter area, which you may find a useful base for encounter diagrams of your own:



    Prepare the Field (Master Mode):

    Minefield diagram for Launch 1:

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  2. EricMusco Maintenance: November 20th, 2018 | 11.16.2018, 01:44 PM
    Hey everyone!

    We will be taking the servers offline on Tuesday, November 20th for maintenance. This is for back-end updates only, there will not be a patch to download.

    DATE: 20 November 2018
    TIME: 6:00AM - 8:00AM PST (1400 - 1600 GMT)

    Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!


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  3. EricMusco PTS Offline - 11/9 | 11.15.2018, 05:05 PM
    Hey folks,

    Some updates from the stream today that I wanted to ensure were posted here as updates:
    • The cost for Guild Ships in 5.10 will be 8 million (down from 15 million we originally stated)
    • Stat perks will no longer work for Master Mode Operations (in addition to not working in PvP content)
    • One quick clarification on how the stat perks actually work. The "abilities" which perks grant to give you extra stats are exact mirrors of the class perks, and they do not stack. So if you already have all 4 class buffs, these perks will provide no statistical benefit. The passive boost perks you can apply, you can only ever have one at a time. What this means is that if you are a player who has all Class buffs applied you could, at most, have a single stat passive perk and a perk set bonus applied.
    Hopefully the perk changes / clarifications will help alleviate some concerns about the impact of the stat perks.

    Thanks everyone.


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  4. EricMusco Conquest Changes in 5.10 | 11.14.2018, 01:29 PM
    Hey folks,

    PTS is now available!

    If you are receiving the error "Unable to Retrieve Patch Data," hold tight. There is nothing you could do to address this other than reinstall PTS, which we do not recommend just yet. We are working on a solution from our side (but don't expect anything until tomorrow).



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  5. EricMusco PTS Offline - 11/9 | 11.13.2018, 04:19 PM
    Tuesday update for everyone. The team is hopeful on a fix for the issues from the weekend. Looking at getting PTS up today or tomorrow. I will let you know.


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